Twitter steps up its anti-terrorism efforts

Twitter  has suspended 235,000 terrorist-related accounts over the last six months, a doubling of its  suspension rate.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “Twitter, which relies mostly on users to flag content before it takes action, said in a blog post it has recently invested in bigger teams reviewing reports 24 hours a day, and better spam-detection tools and language capabilities.

“One third of the suspended accounts were identified thanks to the spam tools, Twitter said.

“There is no one ‘magic algorithm’ for identifying terrorist content on the internet,” Twitter said in its blog post.

“The efforts come after Twitter came under fire for allowing terrorist-related content to proliferate on its site,” the WSJ reported.

To read The Wall Street Journal story, please hit this link.


Another tech leader is hacked


The Twitter account of Brendan Iribe, who runs Facebook’s virtual-reality headset maker, Oculus, has been hacked, making him the latest in a long line of celebrity and tech bosses to have had their social-media accounts compromised in recent weeks.

This doesn’t exactly expand the public’s confidence in the tech industry.

To read The Guardian’s story on this, please hit this link.

Facebook chief’s Twitter, Pinterest accounts reportedly hacked

Facebook chief’s Twitter, Pinterest accounts reportedly hacked

(June 13th, 2016) In what has caused some chuckling, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts have been resecured, after media reports that the social-media mogul’s  sites had been hacked.


VentureBeat said that Mr. Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were compromised over the weekend.

Perhaps most interesting is that the nature of the bogus tweet sent from Mr. Zuckerberg’s Twitter account on Sunday suggests that the alleged hackers may have gained access to the account by using the same password associated with his LinkedIn profile. Sloppy computer hygiene by Mr. Zuckerberg? For more information, hit this link.