Turkey misses deadline for E.U. travel deal


Amidst fears about Islamist mass-murderers getting into the European Union via Turkey, that nation has missed a E.U. deadline that if Turkey had met it would have  allowed its citizens  visa-free travel through most of Europe.

E.U. leaders had conditionally promised the Turkish government that 79 million Turks would get access to Europe’s 26-country border-free Schengen travel zone by this month, as part of a controversial bargain on migration. But that depended on Turkey meeting 72 E.U. conditions on border security and fundamental human rights, including changes to increasingly authoritarian Turkey’s tough anti-terrorism laws.

Intensifying European worries is that Islamist terrorists can sometimes make their way from Syria and Iraq across Turkey and then into Europe.

Still, E.U. officials are expected to approve the opening of negotiations on one part of Turkish E.U. membership talks, which some people call a charade.

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West tries to deal with returning jihadis

(June 13th, 2016) As the Islamic State continues to suffer more and more losses of territory and fighters, growing numbers of Western jihadis are trying to quit the ISIS and go back home. But Western security officials have a difficult time in ascertaining who might want to return home to engage in Islamic terrorism and not to resume a peaceful and law-abiding life.


For its part, ISIS, which is losing ground in Syria, Iraq and Libya, is trying to stop some of the thousands of foreign volunteers who have joined its ranks from going home.

“They sense that we have entered the final stage. Many are starting to send us messages to know how they can return,” France’s national intelligence coordinator, Didier Le Bret, told Agence France-Presse.

But many of those who want to defect are “prevented by Daesh (ISIS) policy, which considers those who want to leave Syria {and other places where ISIS operates} as traitors to be immediately executed,” he said.

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