E.U. leaders harden hearts against the U.K.


Leaders of the European Union seem united in their disinclination to make concessions that would enable the post-Brexit United Kingdom to have many of the benefits of E.U. membership without having to accede to such requirements as free movement in and out of Britain of people with E.U. passports.

And after Brexit won in Britain’s June 23 referendum, the leaders are trying to discourage more  disruptive votes in nations such as France and Spain with large numbers of voters who don’t want their nations to stay in the E.U.

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Firm calls Europe a leader in cybersecurity enforcement


An ABI Research press release says:

“Europe is emerging as a global leader in national cybersecurity enforcement. The European Union (EU) and countries connected to the Council of Europe and the European Economic Area, including Norway and Switzerland, have been most successful in implementing binding legal instruments in the area of cybercrime and cybersecurity. With impending EU legislation in place to mandate the protection of critical infrastructure, Europe will spend $35 billion in cybersecurity in this space by 2021, forecasts ABI Research.

“The new Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive demands that critical infrastructure operators—including agriculture, energy, transport, pharmaceuticals, and even water and waste management—address cybersecurity, and will push them toward allocating budget to protect their infrastructure. Non-compliers will face significant financial repercussions.

Europe remains a lucrative target, as it is a prosperous and highly-connected region,” says Michela Menting, Research Director at ABI Research. “The new directive will force operators to tackle cybersecurity issues in operational technologies, and notably in industrial settings, which is a huge step for many organizations.”

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