Possible ‘no first use’ policy scares U.S. allies


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and  leaders of some other major U.S. allies are worried about  the possible policy of “no first use”  of nuclear weapons being considered by the Obama administration. The fear is that such a policy would weaken  the ability to deter aggressive dictatorships such as North Korea.

South Korea, France and Britain are also said to have privately communicated their concerns to U.S. officials about a potential declaration by President Obama of such a policy.

If Mr. Obama were to declare a no-first-use policy, it would represent a  major change in the U.S. nuclear posture.

To read a Japan Times story on this topic, please hit this link.


Merkel urges U.K. to stay in E.U.

(June 6th, 2016) Suggesting growing anxiety about the United Kingdom’s possible exit from the European Union, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Britain that nations “at the bargaining table” negotiate better deals than those “outside the room”.


Mrs. Merkel emphasized that it was up to the British people, but she hoped that Britain would vote to stay in the E.U. in the referendum on June 23.

She said that Britain was “part and parcel” of the E.U. and was of “benefit to all of us”.

“Brexit’’ campaigners said staying in the E.U. might be in Germany’s interest but that “does not mean it’s in the U.K.’s interest”.

German sources were saying privately just a few weeks ago that Mrs. Merkel wasn’t planning to say anything about the referendum.

Going to Work- TUC

'Going to Work' from Britain' TUC
‘Going to Work’ from Britain’ TUC

Britain’s Trade Unions Congress (TUC) is using its ‘Going to Work‘ campaign to mobilize the public to send emails and messages to companies that have refused to sign up to the Accord. Thus far, over 80 brands have signed on but major retailers have still managed to evade the system. The eight brands targeted by ‘Going to Work’ in their email campaign are: River IslandMatalanBenchBank FashionPeacocks,Jane NormanRepublic and Mexx.

This campaign was launched after Amirul Haque-Amin, the President of the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) in Bangladesh made a moving speech to Congress describing the dreadful conditions garment workers are often forced to endure and the life-saving role trade unions play in providing them with basic safety and dignity at work.

Click here to read more about the campaign and to participate by sending a message to these brands.