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Transforming developing country tax systems with data science and technology

Leaders and experts of EY, MIT, World Bank, the Boston Global Forum, and New America are discussing with each other to establish the Alliance for Prosperity.

An Alliance is taking shape between private and public stakeholders that aims to support transforming tax systems in developing countries through data science and technology innovations.

The founding members of the Alliance are: Boston Global Forum, EY, MIT Connection Science, New America and the World Bank. Over time, the Alliance will add other members that who can contribute to its mission. With countries in the lead fordire need of solution deployment of solutions on the ground, the Alliance will promote initiatives that contribute to: raising additional revenue, curbing corruption, and increasing fairness and taxpayer trust.

The Alliance will pursue a wide range of activities to getachieve buy-in, solution development, capability to deploy, and funding of data science and technology innovations. This requires raising awareness among stakeholders including decision -makers in developing countries, taxpayers and developers of technology solutions. Awareness needs to result in well-defined demand for approaches solutions that can change fundamental tax outomes. Alliance partners have own capacity to develop and deploy such solutions but a key activity will be to bring country demand to a wider group of developers, with as a core requirement that softwares Solutions should endeavor to lower barriers to adoption by adhering to governance principles that foster transparency and consistency: contributing to ‘free or open- source libraries or other intellectual property transfer, promoting ’ interoperabilityle, and and utilizing open standards / transparentprotocols where appropriate. Revenue administrations, ministries of finance and other key stakeholders need to be willing and ready for new solutions, which requires workforce development and addressing of institutional political economy bottlenecks. Finally, the Alliance will work with funders to secure financial resources for larger-scale projects and sustain the work of the Alliance.

The Alliance will initiate its work in 2020 with a launch in January 2020 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

This initiative as a model of AI-Government, a part of AI World Society Concepts.