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Vint Cerf will speak at the AIWS City Panel in AI World Executive Summit

On July 14 at 2:35 PM EDT, Father of Internet Vint Cerf, contributor to the book Remaking the World – Toward an Age of Global Enlightenment, 2019 World Leader in AI World Society, will speak about the People-Centered Economy.

Here is Vint Cerf’s message in the book:

We will need an international call for an operation in order to induce and introduce this people-centeredness into the use of artificial intelligence, because we will and use these techniques on a global scale. The internet has already penetrated about 50% or more of the world and of course as the chief internet evangelist of google, I’m hoping that it will be possible for everyone to get access to the internet before the end of this decade and certainly by 2045, if they want access to it. It would not occur to me to force anyone to use the internet, but I would like it to be accessible, available, sustainable, affordable, and useful for anyone who wishes to use it.

So now we have to figure out what the international agreements are going to be, not only to deal with the abuses of the internet and its applications, but also the potential abuses of machine learning. And that is going to requirement some deep thought and some deep understanding and some dependence on technologists who are much smart than I am, about how those technologies could be abused and what we can do to both detect and defend against that. And so as we design a people-centered and artificially intelligent world, where the tools get smarter and smarter, we will have to think our way through exactly that set of problems. And so those of you who are on this call and those that you will talk to afterwards, I say to you how important it is that we get this right, that we consider how to effect, a good effect and how we make sure that if they are abused, that we detect and defend against that. And so that’s quite a challenge and charge to give to this group but your histories already tell us you are capable of dealing with charges like this and that’s why you’ve been assembled today to talk about this problem and the promise of artificial intelligence and the problems that it may introduce.