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The United Nations Initiative launches the website at UN100.net and its book

On April 15, 2021, the United Nations Centennial – Boston Global Forum and United Nations Academic Impact Initiative will launch the oficial website of the Initiative at the meeting of leaders of the Initiative at https://UN100.net and https://UN2045.org and will introduce the book “Remaking the world – the Second Age of Enlightenment” by the Initiative.

The United Nations Centennial was launched in 2019 by the United Nations Academic Impact in partnership with The Boston Global Forum.

The UN Centennial programs host roundtable discussions, conferences, new concepts, solutions, think pieces, and reflections as we look ahead to the global landscape in 2045—the United Nations Centennial year.

This initiative will examine issues impacting technology, including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, diplomacy, warfare, and other pressing concerns. Our goal is to look to the future and the role the United Nations will continue to play in making our world more peaceful, democratic, prosperous and universally secure.

In short, the mission of UN Centennial Initiative: Remaking the world – The Second Age of Enlightenment.


The website UN100.net has 7 sections:

  1. About
  • Introduction
  • Chairspersons’ perspective (letters’ Board of Leaders)
  • Board of Leaders
  • Connect with Us
  1. The United Nations Centennial News
  2. The United Nations Centennial Roundtables, Symposia
  • United Nations Centennial Roundtables
  • United Nations Centtennial Symposia
  1. United Nations Cenntenial Books
  2. United Nations Centennial Recognitions
  • Ideas, Initiatives, Solutions
  • Nova Prize and Lecture
  • AIWS City and Phan Thiet
  1. The United Nations Academic Impact
  2. AI World Society