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Self-driving cars take the wheel

Autonomous vehicles are here, and they are here to stay. Most of the major automotive manufacturers (General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Tesla, Volvo, and BMW) are actively exploring autonomous-vehicle programs and conducting extensive on-road testing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major focus for autonomous-vehicle testing and development, and the vehicles are applying AI—a collection of discrete technologies—in new and innovative ways. Deep learning, which mimics neuron activity, supports functions like voice and speech recognition, voice search, image recognition and processing, motion detection, and data analysis. Working together, these functions help the vehicles recognize pedestrian traffic, other vehicles on the road, and traffic signals, and adhere to mapped-out routes. Another research report forecasts that the automotive AI market will reach more than $10.5 billion by 2025.

According to AI World Society (AIWS), AI is a key enabled technology for autonomous-driving and people safety. In AIWS Ethics report, it also mentioned at least nine bills that relate to autonomous driving, including The SELF DRIVE ACT, which establishes the federal role in ensuring the safety of highly automated vehicles by encouraging the testing and deployment of such vehicles. The US Department of Transportation must require safety assessment certifications for the development of a highly automated vehicle or an automated driving system.