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Professor Judea Pearl says “It is a mockery of justice”

Questionable decisions made by governments, courts, or organizations can be reviewed and judged by AI, through a system with transparent methodology and algorithm and trusted and unbiased data. AIWS.net is developing a Judging System to meet this demand.

There are a few arguable decisions recently, one of them happened on April 2, 2020, Pakistani court overturns murder conviction in killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Professor Judea Pearl, 2020 World Leader in AI World Society (AIWS), a mentor of AIWS.net, father of journalist Daniel Pearl, tweeted:

“It is a mockery of justice. Anyone with a minimal sense of right and wrong now expects Faiz Shah, prosecutor general of Sindh to do his duty and appeal this reprehensible decision to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.”

And: “To all readers who shared hopeful thoughts with us, we are grateful and happy to inform you that the government of Sindh has ordered that Daniel’s murder suspects will be kept in detention for another 90 days, pending an appeal. Thanks for being with us.”

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh had been facing a death sentence. The Karachi court instead reduced his sentence to seven years, after hearing an appeal last month.

Saeed was found guilty in 2002 of orchestrating the kidnapping, terrorism and murder, according to The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper reported that the court overturned the terrorism and murder convictions and downgraded the kidnapping conviction.

Many members of AIWS.net criticize this decision by the Pakistani court and offer that AIWS.net can apply the Judging System to review this decision, then send an appeal statement to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.