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Nguyen Anh Tuan speaks at Horasis Global Meeting, June 8

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, CEO of the Boston Global Forum, presented AIWS City, AIWS Values, and the United Nations Centennial Initiative at the Horais Global Meeting on June 8, 2021 on the Panel “Envisioning Post-pandemic Smart Cities.”


Here are his key messages:

The AIWS innovative economic-political ecosystem is an ecosystem which encourages and helps all citizens to optimize their creativity and capacity development together to build up standards of values ​​and living culture, a good humanistic living environment with kindness and truthfulness from which honest and kind visionaries, who can contribute to creating new thinking and new culture, can be recognized and have fulfilling lives both materially and spiritually, and have the opportunities to become governmental and social leaders. The AIWS Ecosystem is the Boston Global Forum’s tribute to the United Nations Centennial Initiative.


AIWS Creative Value System

Noble creative values, valued in the following order:

  • To create and develop innovative organizations, ideas, and socio-political theories, which are meaningful, legal, logical, and could produce new paths for social development
  • To guide organizations to implement socio-political initiatives.
  • To create technology that better the life of people.
  • To innovate arts and sports to improve the quality of life.
  • To volunteer to help people and contribute data, information, and values as well as engage in charitable activities to building a better society according to the Social Contract for the Age of Artificial Intelligence standards.


Building AIWS City, a digital and virtual city as an experiment of the AIWS Global Innovation Ecosystem, including:

  1. AIWS value system: each citizen has an account as a digital house for creativity and exchange and trade their innovations.
  2. AIWS Global Creative Exchange.


Moderator: Sergio Fernandez de Cordova Executive Chairman, P3 Smart City Partners & PVBLIC Foundation


  • Janice Kovach, President, NJ League of Municipalities; Mayor of Clinton NJ, USA
  • Arun Amirtham, Chairman, 5 Elements Sustainable Development Group, Switzerland
  • Tony Cho, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Future of Cities, USA
  • Joe Landon, Vice President, Lockheed Martin, USA
  • Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chief Executive Officer, Boston Global Forum, USA