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Humanizing the Internet of Things

On 5th of October, Llewellyn King, Host of “White House Chronicle”, Member of Editorial Board of Boston Global Forum had a conversation with John Savage – Professor of Computer Science at Brown University about the development of computer science, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity in our present world. 

John Savage is the An Wang Professor of Computer Science at Brown University. His current research interests are cybersecurity technology and policy, reliable computation with unreliable components, computational nanotechnology, efficient cache management on multicore chips, and I/O complexity.

The talk’s topic focuses on the age of emerging technology with its development in an unprecedented pace. Almost everything, every device around us is now connected and in the future, they are all likely to be automated and computerized, which is the incoming revolution that people should be aware and ready for. In order to prepare people for such changes, it will require a global effort to make it feasible. This, according to Prof. Savage, is similar to the case in West Virginia where local miners are trained to become coders, learn to deal with the shift of global trend.

A further concern that Prof. Savage mentioned is about the importance of safety since most of AI system is programmed and computerized hence it can be messed with causing mixed signal, mistakes and accidental failures. It is necessary that we all work on addressing this issue and use AI with precision. As long as we can accomplish that, AI wouldn’t be bad news to human.

On December 2017, Professor John Savage was honored as the Distinguished Global Educator for Computer Science and Security by the Boston Global Forum and the Michael Dukakis Institute for his tireless dedication and contributions to computer education, both from technological and societal perspectives.