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Government of Massachusetts and MIT Connection Science are sponsors for the AIWS Innovation Network

At Boston Global Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Day Symposium at Harvard University on December 12, 2019, AIWS Innovation Network will be officially launched.

The Network will have 3 core components: 1. AI Innovation, 2. Monitors and Judges, 3. AI for Humanity.

  1. AI Innovation: This component as an Uber model of AI services. The Network will help governments, companies, organizations can find out resource to solve, do their demands in apply AI, develop AI strategies, policies, and AI experts, scholars from universities, companies, organizations to find out each other their AIWS Innovation Network’s app. This App includes:
  • Demanders: demands from governments, companies, organizations.
  • Providers: resources from top universities: Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Northeastern, Boston College, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Oxford, Cambridge etc. Resources from companies.
  1. Monitors and Umpires (Judges)
  • Monitor: Report governments, corporations violate AIWS Social Contract 2020 norms, standards, concepts
  • Judge: Using AI to umpire, judge conflicts between governments, companies, organizations in benefit, interest, information, data.

This component will be operated by AIWS Young Leaders. AIWS Young Leaders call and support for concepts, standards, norms of the AIWS Social Contract 2020.

Outstanding AIWS Young Leaders will be invited to Harvard to talk at AIWS Summit Conference late April every year.

AIWS Young Leaders will be get rewards for their contribution: give them points Social Value Reward, using measurement of Professor Alex Pentland, and AIWS Innovation Network will make deals exchange points with companies, service providers, schools.

  1. AI for Humanity: Creative, Innovative works in applying AI for humanity. Develop recommendations for the use of AI for public good.

This would complement the current AIWS/BGF work that is developing ethics and cybersecurity calls to action to counteract the negative, manipulative, surveillance, micro-targeting use of AI.

It could focus on ways to reach, connect and co-create with people and groups to enhance positive wellbeing and interactions, and peaceful and enduring solutions.

This component is a place to introduce products, apps using AI for a better society.

Any AI experts, innovators have products meet AIWS Innovation Network requirements can introduce and list on this Component.

Government of Massachusetts and MIT Connection Science are sponsors of The AIWS Innovation Network.