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Francesco Lapenta publishes “Our Common AI Future”

Francesco Lapenta, Founding Director, Institute of Future and Innovation Studies. John Cabot University, Rome, published the book “Our Common AI Future”

He is a member of History of AI Board at AIWS.net and contributor to Framework for Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital.

Francesco Lapenta will be one of speakers at the Global Cybersecurity Day event, during which BGF will announce the GADG Declaration of Action for Global Law and Accord on AI and Digital.

This concise geopolitical analysis and roadmap presents a historical overview, a concepts map, and a road map for AI driven Sustainable Development based on: shared Future Narratives; Socially Responsible Innovation, Science and Technology Diplomacy; the definition of Scientific Green Zones and Red Lines, Human Centric and Trustworthy AI Principles and Regulations, a shared Geopolitical Strategy and Model for Sustainability and AI, an Alternative Multilateral Model for Science and Technology Diplomacy, and Multilateral Scientific and Technological Alliances, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance Programmes. Complexity and Non Linear Dynamics Theories, Systemic Thinking, Data and AI Diplomacy, Open and Sustainable Data, FAIR Data Principles and 12 Tools, Data Stewardship, Data Trusts, AI Standards. Inspired by the UN “Our Common Future” report’s vision, values, and path, and the goals set by the “UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.