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Discussing the name for a new society in 2045: Intellectual Society

While writing a proposal for the Democratic Alliance on Digital Governance (DADG) and developing the Social Contract 2020, I conceived an idea: to upgrade civil society to intellectual society.

Father of Internet, Vint Cerf, who was honored as a World Leader in AI World Society, said: “the best detector of misinformation and disinformation is critical thinking”. Misinformation and disinformation are big challenges and threats to the world in the age of the Internet, AI, and social media.

Our dream is that in 2045 (100 years of the United Nations and the end of World War II), citizens will have good and knowledge-based education, critical thinking, and intellect so that they can contribute actions, initiatives, and solutions to solve social issues. We named the term “Intellectual Society”. There are very interesting discussions about this new term, concept, and its name.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Professor Nazli Choucri, Professor Thomas Patterson, Professor John Quelch contributed names:

  1. Intellectual Society
  2. Knowledge-Based Global Society
  3. Global Innovation Society
  4. The UN Next Century Society

We chose the name “Intellectual Society”. Even though some said, “sound erudite to me” and “like elite”, but we are very delighted to see this new concept and term to be quite attractive. We will continue to learn more from our friends and open to invite you to contribute a name with your thinking.