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“China’s Government uses many ‘weapons’ to attack the US”

At the Democratic Alliance on Digital Governance Conference, organized by the Boston Global Forum, Mr. Nam Pham, Assistant Secretary of Business Development and International Trade, Government of Massachusetts, raised concerns about China-US relations and called for a rule-based reshaping of the relationship.

The costs to the US for relations with the PRC include both economical and in regard to human rights.

On the other hand, Chinese policies are not only a strategy of a company, but rather China’s Government have strategies for almost all companies to steal technologies of the US.

China causes terrible actions in sovereign naval territories of Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, as well as a land conflict with India at the border. China hides information about COVID-19, resulting in a pandemic around the world.

Chinese use many weapons to attack US and western countries. These weapons are not guns, but are still very dangerous, and if left for a long time, they will destroy economies and values of the US and Western countries.

He concluded: the US government need to quickly review and reshape the relationship with China before it is too late.