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Artificial Intelligence Applications: Is Your Business Implementing AI Smartly?

The book Design, Launch, and Scale IoT Services classifies the components of IoT services into technical modules. One of the most important of these is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This article is intended to supplement the book by providing insight into AI and its applications for IoT.

After many years in the wilderness, AI is back on the hype curve and will change the world again. Or, will it? AI has always been interesting, but what has changed to justify the current hype?

There are several contributing factors. The volumes of data that will be produced by many IoT services suggest that this data cannot be managed by humans with traditional analytics tools. Therefore, AI can offer opportunities for IoT services to extract maximum value from the data. IoT cloud platforms are now offering AI services via APIs and application development tools, making AI more accessible for many IoT services. Now, AI can be incorporated without requiring extensive development or excessive costs.

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According to AI development and application to society, Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI) established the Artificial Intelligence World Society Innovation Network (AIWS-IN) for the purpose of promoting ethical norms and practices in the development and use of AI in healthcare, education, transportation, national security, and other areas.