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Applying the Community Innovation Economy at AIWS City

The AIWS Value System is innovative and, as such, untested for its utility. AIWS will test the concept by creating the AIWS City, which will be a virtual digital city dedicated to promoting the values associated AIWS. We envision it as a community of scholars, innovators, leaders, and citizens dedicated to fostering thought, creativity, and ethical behavior.

The digital platform for AIWS City has been created and the first phase of the project will be launched on September 9, 2021. AIWS City has offices in Boston, Massachusetts (USA); Tokyo (Japan), and NovaWorld Phan Thiet, Ha Noi, and Nha Trang (Vietnam), with plans to expand to other locations at a later time.

The heart of AIWS Innovation Ecosystem at AIWS.city to support and apply CIE concepts is the AIWS Innovation Hub.

AIWS Innovation Hub, which will serve as an incubator to help firms, inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. They will be able to discuss their ideas and problems and hear from experts and practitioners on how to advance or solve them. The Innovation Hub will promote pioneering models that foster social responsibility and will reward their developers through the AIWS Rewards Program.