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Anders Corr launches his book “The Concentration of Power”

China’s influence in US politics has coincided with the industrialization of China, at the expense of a deindustrializing US. Global corporations, to which US politicians answer, fled high wages and environmental regulations in the US for low wages and lax environmental standards in China. Now, the US is paying the price and might not recover sufficiently to defend itself against China’s growing military. The strategic ambitions of one nation can and have upset the United Nations and the balance between powers. Now the Western world must understand the imminent threats from the hegemonic ambitions of China.”

​Hierarchy exists in every segment of society.  From politics, to unions, associations, corporations, and the military. Dr. Corr breaks them all down and provides readers with a sense of what the world could well face if we allow hierarchy to continue its historical development toward a global and illiberal hegemony. Be it in China, the United States, or the European Union, all are vying for global influence and the utilization of the United Nations structure to promote either the principles of human rights and democracy, or in the case of Beijing, the exact opposite. This clash between democracy and autocracy on a global level could turn to war.

Anders Corr is a member of the AI World Society Innovation Network (AIWS.net). He contributed to Boston Global Forum (BGF) in writing reports and speaking at Global Cybersecurity Day December 12, 2015 and other BGF events.

Link: https://lu.ma/anders-corr

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