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AI tool for cancer diagnosis wins FDA breakthrough status

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making inroads in healthcare facilities management, as an aid to improve efficiency in such areas as scheduling, staffing and billing, AI as a diagnostic tool in patient care is still in its infancy.

Paige.AI is calling itself the first publicly announced AI tool for cancer diagnosis, which is giving developers speedier agency review in recognition of the product’s potential to improve treatment for life-threatening conditions or irreversibly debilitating diseases.

Launched in early 2018 with technology developed by Memorial Sloan Kettering data scientist Thomas Fuchs and colleagues, Paige.AI receives digitized slides through its licensing agreement with the cancer center. The startup said it is working to develop a portfolio of AI products across cancer subtypes, beginning with prostate cancer.

The AI tool for cancer diagnosis has been approved by FDA, which is a key milestone for AI technology acceptance in medical care. This breakthrough AI application has a strong impact to society, which also reflects the AIWS’s vision as “AI can be a force for helping people achieve well-being and happiness, unleash their potential, obtain greater freedom, relieve them of resource constraints and arbitrary/inflexible rules and processes, and solve important issues.”

More detail information in website: https://paige.ai/