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3 Misconception about AI, and what should be done

AI has been thriving and living among us for the last decade. It has enhanced the way human’s efficiency greatly. Even so, there is still a widespread fear over the threat of AI based on people’s common misconceptions. Here are the three key confusions need to be addressed. 

AI is robot

It is the entertainment industry to blame when it comes to human’s notion about AI. When we think of robots, the picture of Bicentennial Man, Wall-E, or Sophia, the digital humanoid, appears. However, AI is much more advanced than that. It can anticipate natural disasters, diseases, do chores, test the efficiency of drug, etc. It also can increase the work’s efficiency and productivity.

AI is going to replace humans

Due to the domination of negative predictions on the news, people are terrorized by statistics. Thus, they believe AI is going take over human’s job markets. In fact, AI is developed by human to serve human needs. Furthermore, it is excellent at repetitive tasks. The same is not true for empathy, judgment, and general life experience.

Another reason that machines can’t replace human is that the rise in number of machines also means rise in the jobs surrounding them as the working progress of AI requires human intervention and supervision.

AI is dangerous in the wrong hands

AI can be used for good or evil as with any other technology. However, the problem is never actually the technology, it is the people who use it. Taking the example of the 2016 Election, it is the responsibility of the platform wielder to ensure its user’s safety.

To sum up, we are developing AI, and it is up to us make sure AI make the best decisions. To give AI the abilities to do all of these tasks, it requires monitoring, regulations as well as ethical frameworks which are something the Michael Dukakis Institution is on.