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Thank you for attending July 2 Conference

Boston, July 3, 2014

Dear friends and fellow,

On July 2, 2014, the Boston Global Forum hosted its opening session in a month-long series that will engage various political and thought leaders on the crises in Asia and how to build a framework for peace and stability in the region.

The Boston Global Forum is grateful for the participation of Governor Michael Dukakis, Professor Ezra Vogel, Professor Thomas Patterson, Professor Kosaku Dairokuno, Ambassador Shinji Yanai, Ambassador JD Bindenagel, Professor Jonathan London, Deputy Assistant Secretary Michael Fuchs, and Bui Viet Lam of VietNamNet for their insightful and engaging contributions to the important discussion.

Given yesterday’s success, the Boston Global Forum is confident that as it continues engaging scholars and political leaders over the next month, it will be able to make a meaningful contribution to the crises in Asia.

Boston Global Forum Staff