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Japanese Politicians discussed on AIWS.net Roundtable

Standards which are introduced in the Social Contract 2020 received support from Japanese politicians on AIWS.net Roundtable. Japanese leaders enthusiastically joined the events of the Boston Global Forum from 2015. In an exciting discussion of Japanese politicians, Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki, former Japanese Ambassador to the United States, current distinguished professor and Chairman for International Strategies of Sophia University, President of Nakasone Peace Institute, and President of the America-Japan Society, sees this is an important endeavor. He links to Covid-19 pandemic, and raised two points that need to solve:

  1. If the country in question, in this case China, is not admitting its responsibility, who can identify which country should be responsible?
  2. Also, if an international organization, in this case WHO, is not reliable and seemingly pressurized by a power, in this case China, how shall we feel with such a situation?

AIWS.net Roundtable will invite distinguished thinkers and world leaders to dialogue with Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki on these two questions.