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Dr. AI: Challenges and Opportunities on the Road to AI-enabled Healthcare

Healthcare systems have evolved rapidly during the last decade and are now providing a variety of benefits to patients throughout the globe. This is because the healthcare industry has embraced artificial intelligence and is currently utilizing its many applications to provide a better and safer experience to patients suffering from different ailments.

However, while discussing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to the healthcare industry, one shouldn’t forget that all that glitters isn’t gold. According to Bob Kocher, MD, an adjunct professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, “if we are not careful, AI could…unintentionally exacerbate many of the worst aspects of our current healthcare system.” This doesn’t mean the advantages of AI should be ignored.

We need to remember that AI is highly dependable on machine learning algorithms; only a person, a specialized doctor, in this case, can view a patient holistically and consider several other factors before coming up with a treatment plan. Plus, as Eliezer Yudkowsky, the co-founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, warns, “By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it”. It’s imperative that professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of the system they’re using and are familiar with ways to secure it. Hence, while the benefits of AI to the healthcare industry are no doubt numerous, AI, according to HitConsultant, should assist, not replace professional doctors in the healthcare industry.

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There are various pros and cons of AI to the healthcare industry to arrive at a more comprehensive decision, which is also highlighted and promoted by AI World Society (AIWS) for developing ethical AI applications to help people achieve well-being and happiness, as well as solve important issues, such as SDGs.