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AIWS Summit 2020: Discussing and building the AIWS Social Contract 2020

From 27 to 29 of April 2020, at Harvard University and MIT, the Boston Global Forum (BGF) and World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid are co-organizing a transatlantic and multi-stakeholder dialogue on global challenges and policy solutions in the context of the need to create a new social contract on digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This Policy Dialog is the AIWS Summit 2020 and focuses on discussing and building the Social Contract 2020.

There are more than 15 head and former head of states and governments of the world attending, as well as distinguished thinkers and inventors as Professor Joseph Nye and Vint Cerf who will join as speakers.

At this special event, BGF will present the World Leader in AIWS Award and AIWS Distinguished Lecture. Recipients of the World Leader in AIWS Award in the past years were Secretary General of OECD Angel Gurria (2018), and father of Internet Vint Cerf (2019).

Recently, Professor Alex Pentland, MIT, one of co-founders of the Social Contract 2020, contributed new ideas:

Traditional capitalism has evolved into AI-driven capitalism, and people around the world are deeply concerned that this is undermining our societies’ social contract.  The general feeling is that balance must be restored by constructing institutions and laws that control AI, and govern data rights, ownership, and use.  This new social contract will require that we build new solutions for managing civic and government systems, for digital privacy and cybersecurity, and for providing more agile, inclusive, and transparent responses to societies’ problems and for funding of supporting infrastructure.

One idea for what this new social contract might look like is summarized by the phrase “stakeholder capitalism”, that is, capitalism that benefits everyone.