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Experts had warned Democrats about cybersecurity gaps


Bloomberg reported July 27  that experts had warned the Democratic National Committee  last fall that its computer network was open to attacks by state-sponsored and other hackers but it didn’t follow the  cyberexperts’ security advice.

The revelation is  another blow to party officials humiliated by the theft and public disclosure of e-mails that have led to a political firestorm. The hacking was done by Russians working for the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Bloomberg reported: “Computer security consultants hired by the DNC made dozens of recommendations after a two-month review, the people said. Following the advice, which would typically include having specialists hunt for intruders on the network, might have alerted party officials that hackers had been lurking in their network for weeks — hackers who would stay for nearly a year.

“Instead, officials didn’t discover the breach until April. The theft ultimately led to the release of almost 20,000 internal e-mails through WikiLeaks last week on the eve of the convention.” Wikileaks is run by Julian Assange, who is an ally of Mr. Putin.

To read the Bloomberg article, please hit this link.