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Hackers get into Mitsubishi car

(June 13th, 2016) The Guardian reports that team of security researchers are calling on Mitsubishi to recall at least 100,000 Outlander hybrid cars after exposing a security breach that let “the hackers to remotely turn off the car’s alarm system, control the lights and drain the battery.’’


The publication reported that “Ken Munro, the security expert who led the investigation, was tipped off about the vulnerability when his friend’s Outlander showed up as a Wi-Fi access point on his phone. Curious, he bought one of the cars himself and set about hacking it.’’

The Guardian elaborated: “Modern cars with their own smartphone apps, which offer a way of monitoring features such as battery level and alarm status, usually connect through a Web-based service that uses GSM, a mobile data communication channel. But the Outlander uses wifi to connect the car directly with a smartphone, which is less secure and allowed Monroe to disable the alarm and then open the car.’’

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