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Fake News and Preventing Cyberwar are featured discussions at The Boston Global Forum Summit on Tuesday April 25

The emergence of Fake News and threat of Cyberwar now impact

free, fair and peaceful elections in the US and elswehere


Cambridge Mass (April 20, 2017) — Leading cybersecurity and international media authorities will discuss coping with the rising impact of fake news and peaceful solutions to the threat of cyberwar at the upcoming Boston Global Forum-G7 Summit Initiative Conference in Cambridge.


8:30-11:30 AM, Tuesday, April 25

The Harvard University Faculty Club

20 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA


Opening remarks will be delivered by: Gov. Michael Dukakis, Chairman, Boston Global Forum, followed by Nicola De Santis, Consul General  of Italy in Boston


Media Coverage is invited:  

For Press Credentials Contact: Dick Pirozzolo + 1 617 959 4613, [email protected] or Tuan Nguyen + 1 617 286 6589, [email protected]



The first Initiative of the BGF-G7 Summit Initiative on Preventing Cyberwar as Toarmina Solutions will be delivered by Prof. John Savage, Brown University; Mikko Hypponen – Chief Research Officer, F-Secure, and Trey Herr – Cybersecurity Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School.

Their presentation will be followed with a panel discussion by Prof. Derek Reveron and Prof. Thomas E. Creely, Naval War College; Prof. Nazli Choucri, MIT; Ryan Maness, Northeastern University; and Anders Corr, Principal, Corr Analytics.



Coping with the spread of fake news will be addressed by Global Citizenship Education Network Professor Thomas Patterson of Harvard University; Anders Corr of Corr Analytics, and with Nguyen Anh Tuan, cofounder and CEO of The Boston Global Forum and chair of the International Advisory Committee of UNESCO in Global Learning and Global Citizenship Education at UCLA. This is the second Initiative of the BGF-G7 Summit Initiative.

Their comments will be followed by a panel discussion on the recent emergence of fake news and its impact on the democratic process with Prof. Carlos Alberto Torres, UCLA; Llewellyn King, Host, Whitehouse Chronicle and Barry Nolan, Senior Advisor, Joint Economic Committee, US Congress.

For observations on Cyberwar and Fake News visit: THE BGF-G7 SUMMIT INITIATIVE

“Escape from Saigon – a Novel”

Following the official BGF program, Dick Pirozzolo, Boston Global Forum Editorial Board Member, will deliver an informal talk and reading from: “Escape from Saigon,” a new novel set during, April of 1975—the final 30 days of the Vietnam War, coauthored with Michael Morris (Skyhorse Publishing, New York, Jan. 2017).

About The Boston Global Forum

Established in 2012, The Boston Global Forum brings together, in an open and accessible public forum, an eclectic and engaging spectrum of highly regarded academic leaders, real-world experts, influential thoughts leaders, media experts and promising young leaders.


BGF’s immediate goal is to identify emerging threats to peace and stability around the globe, suggest realistic solutions, and identify possible actions that can be taken to avert armed conflict. The Forum’s ultimate goal is to lessen tensions, promote peace and security, and foster conditions that lead to greater social justice and broader economic prosperity wherever they are most needed.