Mr. Nguyen and Professor Pentland speak about AIWS Social Contract 2020 at Policy Dialogue of World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid 2019

A new social contract is needed to blunt such developments and encourage beneficial ones.  To achieve this goal, the Boston Global Forum, working with MIT Connection Science ( is developing a set of principles and guidelines that could inform the creation of a social contract for the Digital Age. We are calling it the AI World Society Social Contract 2020

We see five centers of power and responsibility that need to be taken into account in the social contract: government, citizens, firms, civil society organization, and AI assistants. In the US, where the Government has branches, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial, we foresee the emergence of seven centers of power.

And we see a need for a social contract that places a priority on transparency, privacy, and the empowerment of citizens as opposed to government.

This message was delivered by Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan and Professor Alex Pentland at the 2019 Policy Dialogue ‘Digital Transformation and the Future of Democracy: How can Artificial Intelligence Drive Democratic Governance?’ of World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid on October 21, 2019.

The file can be found here.