The Amazing Ways Carnival Cruises Is Using IoT and AI To Create Smart Cities At Sea

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, connected devices and artificial intelligence (AI), Carnival company is on a quest to turn cruise ships into “smart cities at sea.”

Carnival provides the Ocean Medallion, that you can carry in a pocket or in a bag or wear it around your wrist, neck or on your belt, is the central element that allows for personalization and the use of technology to elevate the cruising experience on and off the ship.

Internet of Things technology, artificial intelligence, and connected devices and the way they are deployed to provide exemplary personalized service to Carnival cruisers is the way the company hopes to achieve a competitive edge from other cruise lines such as MSC Cruises and Royal Caribbean who are also unveiling their own personalized tech experience.

The benefit of AI with human life and personal experience has also been initiated and promoted by AI World Society (AIWS) and Michael Dukakis Institute (MDI) for helping people achieve well-being and happiness, unleash their potential, obtain greater freedom, relieve them of resource constraints and arbitrary/inflexible rules and processes, and solve important issues.