Addressing the promises and challenges of AI

A three-day celebration event this week for the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing put the focus on the Institute’s new role in helping society navigate a promising yet challenging future for artificial intelligence (AI), as it seeps into nearly all aspects of society.

Kicking off the day’s events, MIT President, Rafael Reif said the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing will train students in an interdisciplinary approach to AI. It will also train them to take a step back and weigh potential downsides of AI, which is poised to disrupt “every sector of our society.”

In opening remarks, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker gave MIT “enormous credit” for focusing its research and education on the positive and negative impact of AI. “Having a place like MIT… think about the whole picture in respect to what this is going to mean for individuals, businesses, governments, and society is a gift.”

This MIT event remarked the importance of AI with our society, which was established as AI World Society (AIWS) by Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (MDI). AIWS has also been expanded and supported by G7 and OECD countries, and it will be announced in AIWS Summit conference 2019.