Prime Minister Shinzo Abe maintains that Japan’s government does not fear AI

At a technology trade show in Germany, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who received World Leader in Cybersecurity honored by the Boston Global Forum, informed the audience that Japan is not scared of AI and that the AI sector could provide immense benefits for Japan.

“Japan has no fear of AI. Machines will snatch away jobs? Such worries are not known to Japan. Japan aims to be the very first to prove that growth is possible through innovation, even when a population declines,” the Prime Minister said. Japan is one of the world leaders in robotics, with companies like Fujitsu already developing a deep learning supercomputer for the Japanese research institute RIKEN.

Elsewhere around the world, AI may still remain a relatively unknown entity. People aren’t sure whether to embrace it or be afraid of the new technology. However, international governments are leaning towards the former. With an aim to improve the quality of life for all humanity, the Boston Global Forum and the Michael Dukakis Institute developed the AIWS 7-layer model to build a new AI-based politics. While AI per se cannot replace the functions of world leadership, our sixth layer will prove invaluable in providing assistance for human leaders.