Gurria and Abe Meet to Discuss Japanese Economy and Open Trade

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria travelled to Tokyo to meet with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe this week to discuss Japan’s economy. The OECD Economic Survey of Japan shows an improving economy and increased job growth. The Secretary-General said that “Abenomics [the popular nickname for Abe’s economic reforms] has delivered faster economic growth and job creation,” but that continued reform and growth are needed to counter Japan’s demographic and debt issues. At the same meeting, both leaders warned against protectionism and trade wars, instead stating the need for multilateral trade solutions. “Amid the spread of protectionism in the world, Japan shares with the OECD an understanding of the significance of the WTO, and we hope to reinforce the multilateral trade system,” said Abe.

Secretary-General Gurria is BGF’s 2018 World Leader in AI World Society, which will be formally announced on April 25, 2018. Prime Minister Abe was BGF’s 2015 World Leader in Cybersecurity.