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Who Watches the AI?

As artificial intelligence rapidly finds a way into our society, and even our homes, there is one burning question above all else. Who regulates it? It’s a question being asked by many with few clear answers. Some are even calling for the creation of a large watchdog agency , although no such entity exists today. Researchers and tech firms have so far had mixed reactions to the idea of new regulations.
Microsoft, which has been developing artificial intelligence for a quarter of a century, agrees. In a January report titled A Future Computed, they stressed the need for more oversight and regulation in AI research, especially a way to hold companies and agencies responsible when their AI causes harm through “unreasonable practices.”
The United States Congress is also debating the topic and has introduced the Future of AI Act of 2017, which if passed will create a committee to further explore artificial intelligence policy. Overall, however, their remains a relative lack of laws and oversight in this field. The core mission of AIWS is to help change this by starting dialogue and bringing technologists and policymakers together. This April, we will be announcing our Ethical Framework for AI that gives guidelines for making positive A.I. policy. We are constantly forming new beneficial partnerships with leaders and organizations to work towards a brighter, safer A.I. future.