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AIWS to Host Round Table in Japan on AI Ethics

The Artificial Intelligence World Society will host a round table in Tokyo Japan on April 2nd to discuss the ethics of artificial intelligence. The central topic will be An Ethical Framework for AI, our seven-layer model to ensure the beneficial application of AI technologies. We will be joined by a Special Adviser to Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, chief engineers from Hitachi, as well as thought leaders and representatives of other top Japanese companies involved in developing AI.

An Ethical Framework for AI is our current project, the result of extensive collaboration with policymakers, academics, tech experts, and industry leaders from around the world. We believe that this framework, if followed, will help guarantee that artificial intelligence is used for the betterment of society and not for malicious purposes. The Framework will be officially announced on April 25, 2018 at our annual BGF-G7 Summit Conference. Here are the 7 Layers:


Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) Model

Layer 7 (Application Layer)  Application and Services

Layer 6 (Public Service Layer) Public Services: Transportation, Healthcare, Education, Justice System

Layer 5 (Policy Layer) Policy, Regulation, Convention, Norms

Layer 4 (Legislation Layer) Law and Legislation

Layer 3 (Tech Layer) Technical Management, Data Governance, Algorithm Accountabilty, Standards, IT Experts Management.

Layer  2 (Ethics Layer) Ethical Frameworks, Criteria, Principles

Layer 1 (Charter Layer) Charter, Concepts