Karzai says NATO should leave or focus on Pakistan


Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai says that foreign forces should either leave Afghanistan to deal with its civil war, or focus on the Taliban’s foreign backers in Pakistan. And he says that bombing Taliban positions just makes things worse.

He told The Guardian:

Karzai emphasized to The Guardian that he is not “anti-Western”, and that he is “very, very sorry” for Western military lives lost in Afghanistan. But,  “he warned that if foreign forces don’t change approach, those soldiers may have died for nothing.”

‘“NATO has been here for 14 years,’  he said, adding that foreign forces are fighting for the same districts as they were when they had 150,000 troops. ‘Are we better off? Do we have more security? No.

“’It means something is wrong. The way things are done, it has been in vain for us.”’

To read The Guardian’s story, please hit this link.