Chinese execs flooding into the U.S.


Thousands of Chinese executives have been moving to the U.S. to work for formerly American companies bought by Chinese firms.

“We’ve seen a huge surge,” Bernard Wolfsdorf, founder and managing partner of a U.S.-based immigration law firm, told CNN. “Chinese companies are investing very heavily in America, and [they are] bringing in key executives and employees.”

CNNMoney analysis found that the U.S. granted 10,258 L-series visas to Chinese workers and their family members in 2015, more than four times the number approved in 2005.

America is generally a more pleasant place to live than China, and so it’s not surprising that s0 many Chinese executives would want to move to the U.S., at ¬†least for a while. But the Chinese government may also like the idea because it provides more opportunity for industrial espionage.

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