BGF is pleased to introduce here some comments from World Bank, sent by Timothy G. Evans, Director of Health, Nutrition and Population in a letter:

 “We at the World Bank share your concerns about international occupational safety and health standards. The World Bank is concerned about the many and formidable challenges facing workers. Such challenges can only be addressed through constructive partnerships among various actors, thus, we share your commitment to promoting widespread dialogue. If such are available, we would appreciate receiving the proceedings from the conference.  Please accept our best wishes for a successful event.”
BGF would like to introduce below comments of Mr. Chaovalit Ekabut, President of Siam Cement Group, Thailand:
  1.  Work standard and practice should be audited by a third party (similar to accounting).
  2. MNCs shall used outsource services only from those audited.
  3. Recognition for good examples.
Ms. Deborah Leipziger (Adjunct Faculty member at the Simmons School of Management): What can socially responsible investors do to put pressure on brands to improve working conditions in Bangladesh?

From Europe, Mr. Roland Schatz, Founder and CEO of Media Tenor International has sent us following questions:

1. Why does Quelch think, that the MNC’s are not responsible? Modern Supply-Chain-Management is no longer accepting the delegation of responsibility?

2. The Reputation damage to European corporates seems to be higher than to US – why?

3. What has to be changed on the level of UN PRI in order to have the concept of Sustainability being understood as material to C-Suites in the West?