Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellow Program (MDLP) is initiated and fully funded by the Boston Global Forum. It is named after its Chairman and Co-Founder, the former Massachusetts Governor, Professor Michael Dukakis, who has devoted his life to the promotion of peace and democracy over the world.

The Fellowship program is established in an effort to recognize rising stars and future world leaders in different professional fields, and to engage them into promoting global peace and security. It also aims to enhance their leadership competency and integrity through motivating their solutions to global problems, providing opportunity for their self-development, and facilitating dialogues among these young leaders and high-profile figures as well as world-leading policymakers.

After one year of demonstrating leadership under the MDLF fellowship action plan, those bold and innovative fellows whose objectives are achieved will officially be approved as Michael Dukakis Leadership Fellows. These fellows must contribute to promote the values of MDLF program and to create a significant impact in the areas of their expertise under the MDLF Action Plans.